Common Netflix problems and how to solve them

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How to download the Netflix app


Although you can watch Netflix directly on the browser, some features are only available on the app.


For iOS users, you can download the Netflix app from the app store.

You can also refer to this article in Netflix Help Center:


For Android users, you can download the Netflix app through Google Play.

You can also refer to this article in Netflix Help Center:


For smart TV users, most TVs come with Netflix, if yours does not, it is recommended to use an external TV box or game console.


How to buy Netflix on GamsGo


To buy Netflix on GamsGo

1. Find Netflix on and click on PURCHASE NOW

2. Choose how long you want to subscribe and click on Go to payment.

3. Choose a payment method you want to use and click on Go to payment.

4. Finish the payment procedure and check your account credential at


How to change the interface and subtitle language


Since the account may have been used before, you may need to change the language of the interface and subtitles.

To do so

1. Log in to your account.

2. Click on Manage Profiles

3. Choose your own profile

4. Choose the language in the drop-down menu

5. Click on Save


Why is it prompted that the password is incorrect?


If you have confirmed that the account and password are all correct, it could be because co-subscribers of this account have login too often recently. In this case, we recommend you try later.

In some cases, it is possible to log in successfully after trying to log in several more times.

If all the above methods have been proven to be ineffective, please feel free to contact our customer service.


Why Netflix indicates that a technical problem has occurred?


This means this account has triggered the risk control of Netflix.

Don't worry, it's not a big deal. You can try login later.

You can also refer to this article on Netflix Help Center


I cant find some of the shows.


Generally, Netflix Originals are available to watch worldwide.

While other shows are licensed to Netflix, these series may not be found because they are not licensed in certain regions.

You can check where the show you want to watch is available through this site.


Why does Netflix say screen limit?


One Netflix account only allows 4 devices to watch simultaneously while you can set up 5 profiles.

In general, the chance that all co-subscribers are watching at the same time is very small. If this happens unfortunately, we recommend you watch it later.

If this happens frequently, please contact our customer service.


My profile is used by others. How to set a pin code?


Since our account is shared by 5 users, misusing happens from time to time.

To set a pin code,

1. Log in to Netflix and go to

2. Find your profile and click on Profile Lock


3. Enter the account password and click on Continue.

4. Enter the 4-number pin code and click on Save.


Why is the password reset?


When we reset the password of an account, it may be because one of the co-subscribers ask us to reset it. You can always check the new password at

If the password on this page still not working, please contact our customer service immediately.


How to watch 4K/HDR shows?


To watch 4K Netflix shows, your device must meet the following requirement.

1. A 60Hz TV or computer monitor compatible with Ultra HD streaming from Netflix.

2. A steady internet connection speed of 15 megabits per second or higher.

3. Streaming quality set to Auto or High.

If your device meets all the requirements but still cant play 4K shows, it could be that your device is not on Netflix's list of devices.

You can also check Netflix Help Center.


Why is it that I can't watch it after a few days when I just purchased/renewed it?


Our staff renews premiums a few days before they expire, thats why you see this warning.

This wont affect your user experience. If your account wasnt renewed, please contact our customer service immediately.